Reimagined Portrait Art | Cap/Gown and Casuals

Reimagined Portrait Art – It is their final year of high school, how do you summarize all that they have achieved over the first eighteen years of their life? How do you sum all their likes, hobbies, achievements into one image?

You can’t!

Grad is so much more than a cap and gown portrait which in itself is a right of passage for every graduate!

Grad portraits need to include their hobbies, sports and loves:

Grad portraits should celebrate their favourite spaces:

And grad portraits need to celebrate who they are right now, at this stage in their life!

I am professionally trained in posing, lighting and the psychology of photography so I can create portraits that flatter all body types utilizing posing and lighting, and I can find ways to set my clients at ease and enjoy their photography session – even if they don’t want to do grad portraits!

I’d love to photograph your Class of 2022 graduate! Send me a contact email or call and we can get started planning your grads session today!

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