Reimagined Portrait Art | Class of 2022

Reimagined Portrait Art – It’s time to start planning for grad portraits this spring! Grad portraits are my very favourite thing to photograph as I get to be my most creative!

While some grads groan at the thought of having grad portraits, I guarantee they will get involved Momma if you let them be themselves (and let me be the bad guy!).

In all my grad sessions, I keep in mind that Grandma’s want that perfect, smiling, 5×7 print for their Grandchild wall of frame. Your child won’t smile for you.

In all my grad sessions, I know that Momma’s want matching portraits for their own wall but your current grad doesn’t want to be the same as his/her older siblings.

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Momma’s want their grad to wear outfit A, but the grad wants nothing to do with it.

Let’s take the stress out of grad sessions! We are going to plan the session with your grad who is going to get to wear their favourite outfit in front of their truck/car/dirtbike/skateboard, who will put on your favourite outfit and smile beautifully for grandma!


Because I’ve been doing this for 15 years. I have 2 (almost 3!) grads of my own. I get it! You have a vision for your wall. They have their own (strong) ideas of what they want!

So let’s do grad portraits that make everyone happy while strongly showcasing your grad’s unique personality, favourite hobbies and smile!

If you look to the right, there’s a contact button. Click it and let’s start planning your stress free Vermilion grad portraits that your grad will love!

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