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Reimagined Portrait Art – You are here! Welcome! Come on in!

This means this space is “live”. It has been months in the making so I’m glad you are here! It’s exciting to release my website and new brand today because it truly is Reimagined.

Let me share a little of my heart and the reason behind Reimagined.

The name came after a discussion with my closest friends who get me better than I got me at the time. I was stuck on Vermilion Portrait Studio as a name and one of them finally said but it says nothing about you, and another said you are reimagined.

It stuck and there was no question in the name after that.

As for the rest of it?

The kids and I recently moved out of their childhood home. It was a brutal, emotionally charged day. It was the end of an era and a literal door slamming on hope.

Instead of heading straight “home”, I took my five babies on a meandering drive to our new digs.

We wandered the countryside from Mannville to Derwent cross country. When we started out, we were heart sick. But slowly the countryside and nature did what it was always intended to do – it captivated us by it’s natural and simple beauty.

We stopped to admire a picturesque pond, grew excited by a crazy, curvy trek through a forest, came up over a hill and gasped as the world literally dropped out from below us with views of farmland, parkland and an old church spire.

By the time we arrived in Derwent, we were all smiling, laughing and full of the love God put in our hearts. It was 45 minutes that were life changing for each of us because it was such a lesson in choosing to lift our heads from our sorrow, look out and find the joy in a simple spring day!

At one point on this journey, we had an owl fly right up and over the windshield. It was amazing! It was the start of a conversation about what owls and eagles represent. Soon, one of my babies was pulling up google on their phone and we were learning!

My children all love hummingbirds as we have always fed them at the garden. The call came out to look up hummingbird.

It represented coming into lightness, a lifting up of light from out of darkness. A shift from negativity into positivity. It also celebrates resiliency, independence and joy.

That day that meaning was so fitting, and so strong that I had it added to the logo. It’s a small piece of the logo but it’s there for my babies who always see the joy in life. It’s there for me as I embrace the light after dark.

It’s there as a reminder to all we touch that even when the world is falling apart, there is still joy to be found. It’s there friends, you just have to lift your head up and look out. Truly, it is there. Be grateful every second of the day. Joy is always there.

I am a star gazer. A dreamer for if I didn’t dream, I would not have a skill set that has become vitally important for me now. My daughter told me I shine when the lights dance so they are there too.

My photography, my heart are all strongest in the outdoors. My garden, our home away from home, is surrounded by strong trees that shelter us.

My heart is lifted up by family, friends and clients who have taught me how to be strong, brave and flexible.

That tree is there for all of you who are strong, that when life toughens up the outside, the inside is still standing strong and reaching tall. I didn’t know I wanted that in a logo, but when I saw it, it was perfect.

And finally and the most important piece of this new logo, the best role I have ever been given in life, a Momma. It’s there in the smallest piece. For even on the hardest days, I can find the joy for them.

Welcome to Reimagined Portrait Art. Please come in, relax and let’s chat.

It’s still me. It just fits better.

This brand? This website? What I do for a living with some light, a camera and serendipitous magic? It’s my heart. Thank you for joining me on this journey.

I cannot wait to photograph yours.


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  • Edna SwainSeptember 3, 2020 - 8:58 pm

    Very well said Kim!  You have a way with words as well as your photographs.ReplyCancel

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