Why Reimagined?

Portraits re-imagined!

While I can take the “perfect” family portrait with everyone sitting nicely and smiling straight into the camera, sometimes this isn’t THE perfect portrait for your family.

Most of the time, the perfect family portrait is an illusion created with photoshop magic.

Inevitably, someone will have messed their hair, splashed mud on their pants, the baby will have drooled or spit up on Mom, Dad will have put on the wrong pants, someone will be crying their eyes out and Mom will be ready to lose it due to stress.

The first thing I want to do is reassure you that family portraits do not have to be like this!

I have been considering changing my job title to mud, snot, spit up, drool, bags under the eyes, hair out of place, he forgot the haircut appt and wore the wrong pants fixer upper for I really can fix all these things that cause Mom to stress that her portrait will not be perfect.

I can even take away the ten pounds you are worrying about right now!

Yes! I really can! I’m professionally trained in posing all body types! I use your curves to flatter, I use shadows, clothing, children, and posing to create the body you think you need to have but that the people who love you don’t care if you have or not. (seriously Momma, the kids don’t see that problem spot and your hubby will but only when you point it out to him!)

When we are much older, we will look back over the years of parenthood and we will remember the imperfect moments with a smile.  We will have no memory of the perfect family portrait!  While we may wish for it to be our realty, it is really just a figment of our imagination and a product of fancy software and technical ability.

I want to give you a different kind of portrait.

This is your family Momma. You may play hockey together. You may farm together. You may have had to learn how to stick fake eyelashes on your eight year old while your husband stands nearby complaining about how dark her lipstick is. You may play a favorite board game, eat a favorite meal, stamp the manure off your boots before you come inside, be covered in cat hair, drive quads through the mud or dream about the stars together.

Be that family. Be YOU. Be real. Be authentic.

I am a portrait artist. I don’t just line you up and tell you to say cheese. I stand on the edge of cliffs, lay in the mud, wade in the slough, catch balls being tossed out, orchestrate the timing of three dirt bikes jumping over the top of Mom (or maybe that’s just photoshop?), become a parking attendent to line up three combines and a super B just right so they catch the sun and frame the family. I don’t limit you to so many minutes per session and I believe that a finished portrait is not just a digital file but a beautiful wall portrait hung up on your favorite wall in your home.

Let’s chat. Tell me about you. Tell me about your family. Let’s create a portrait that your family will love to be in and look at for generations to come.


Vermilion, AB