Wainwright Grad Portraits | The daredevils

Reimagined Portrait Art – While I can take a pretty portrait of your grad in a gown that will tell you what school they graduated from, in five years from now, that portrait will tell you nothing about who they are.

What if they are daredevils? What if they feel most at home flying through the air on a dirt bike? What if the greatest rush they get is sitting at a start gate with a dozen other bikes revving their engines. Can you tell that from a formal cap n gown?

Don’t get me wrong, I think all grads need that formal portrait too, but I just like to tell a little bit more about their story!

Whether you have a dare devil or a gamer, a ballerina or an aggressive forward, a book worm or soon to be mechanic covered in oil – I want you to have those portraits too that will remind you in five, ten or fifty years of who they were at this important milestone.

If you are interested in discussing grad portraits, reach out to me through my social media or contact page! I promise I don’t bite and I have product options for all budgets! I’d love to be your Vermilion grad photographer!

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